Andy Anderson

Andy has been a forecaster at the Sierra Avalanche Center since 2006. Andy’s past forecasting experience comes from southeast Utah where the snow is light and shallow. In previous lives, Andy has been a ski patroller in the Northwest, an English teacher in Chile, a ski bum in the Tetons (funded by flipping burgers in Jackson Hole), mountaineering ranger at Mt. Rainier and a climbing guide. When not forecasting avalanches, he spends his time running long races and trying to keep up with his wife and son on the rocks and in the backcountry. Andy spends his summers as a climbing ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Brandon Schwartz

Brandon has been a driving force behind avalanche forecasting by the Tahoe National Forest Sierra Avalanche Center since its inception in 2004. From the early days of SAC forecasting when funding was nearly nonexistent to the success of present day, he has strived to create a high quality avalanche advisory product worthy of public use and a massive fundraising campaign. Growing up in Colorado, attending college in Washington, and living in Idaho gave ample opportunity to see the many traits of snow in the Rockies, Cascades, and Tetons. A love for wintertime backcountry travel, and the love of a California raised wife, has allowed him to see the wondrous traits of the Sierra Nevada.