Why Sponsors?

Donations from individuals and businesses fund the avalanche forecasting program. Without these donations Sierra Avalanche Center would not exist. If you are interested in becoming a SAC sponsor, either click on the Paypal link at the bottom and donate, or you can also contact us for more information. Remember, no donation is too small! Thank you.

Extreme - Sponsors who donated more than $3000 to SAC



In Honor of
Bill Foster


Alpenglow Sports

High - Sponsors who donated between $1000 and $2999 to SAC

Heavenly Professional Ski Patrol

Considerable - Sponsors who donated between $500 and $999 to SAC

Ryan Pinjuv

Nick Washburn

Peter Loer

Julia and Kevin Norris

Bryan O'Sullivan

Moderate - Sponsors who donated between $100 and $499 to SAC

Fernando Pereira

Katherine Gross

Anthony Guerrero

Nicholas Beres

Alan Ramadan

Marshall Hawks

Karl Marlowe

Nicoli Ames

Tucker Heiner

Brian Ahlers

Mike Hench

Bruce La Belle

Louise Wholey

Scott Sadlon

Paul White

Justin Munoz

Terri McGuigan

Jennifer Gleckman

Robert Morrow

Douglas Sherman

Walter Benoit

Heather Thompson

Hope Rinehimer

Andy Kaufer

John Swanson

Duncan Findlay

Michael McGroarty

Anna Siebelink

Duncan Sisson

Roderick Beaton

Dan Haas
Martin Waters
John Anderson

Shaydar Edelmann

Travis Ritchie

Rodney Carpenter

Timothy Pfafman

Jennifer ONeill
Dean Schaecher

Deborah Ameen

Peter Czerpak

 Gregory Tirdel

Marvin Summer

Jeffrey Lock

Joe Liszewski

Sierra Pacific Coffee Company

Cyndi Lee

Bret Dezordo

Belle Rosin

Jim Sloves

Tai Boutell

Cameron Stewart

Matthew Potts

George Maier
John Hillstrom

Nicolar Beres

Jonathan Creighton

Jay Anderson

Yesser Belgacem

Timothy Bogardus

Christina Dong

Harry Richardson

Kristin Kuyper

Peter Comerford

Joshua Michaels

Booker Bense

David Penndorf

Park City Mountain Resort Ski Patrol

Mike Heirch

Gabriel Westheimer
Mark Bunge

Lara Pearson

In Honor of
Esther Eun Kyu Kim's & Peter Gunzenhauser's

Michael Bechauf

Marvin Shaw

Pierre Redmond

 Matt Eccles

Michael McLaughlin

Kevin McKennan

Joshua Masur

 Brian Forbes

Matt Tucker

Nicole Gulati